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Computer Spy Software
Computer Spy Software

""Capture screen shots, create recordings, and view entire desktop activities with computer spy software."

The ultimate Computer Spy software works like a PC surveillance camera to monitor computer activities. It promotes invisible monitoring, application monitoring, internet monitoring, window activity tracking, and real time monitoring. trading forex

Screen shot capturing, desktop monitoring, creating instant and scheduled recordings, and broadcasting messages over network are key features of computer spy software. The software monitors several computers in a network at a time and helps to protect privacy, confidentiality, and security of your organization and home.
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Employee Spy Software
Employee Spy Software

View online activities of your employees in real time. What they do, what they type, and what they transfer; employee spy software records it all.

Employee spy software is key logger software which logs every activity of the monitored computer from single mouse click to the shutdown of the computer. You see and monitor what your employees do during work hours and free time.

Keystroke monitoring, window activity monitoring, internet activity monitoring, FTP activity monitoring, and window processes monitoring are the key features of employee spy software with increased employee efficiency, productivity, and security. You can easily put check on your employees' activities with this amazing software.
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PC Spy Software

Spy software is a perfect tool to reveal secrets of your employees, children, spouse, buddies, or someone else. With spy tool range for computer monitoring and employee monitoring you can easily know what people do behind your back. This includes screen shot capturing, creating instant and scheduled recordings, keystroke logging, application monitoring, process monitoring, window monitoring, FTP activity monitoring, internet monitoring, and desktop monitoring.

You can easily view and record everything in a local area network. It is the perfect spy solution for concerned parents who worry about internet exposure of their children and partners who suspect their spouse is cheating through online chatting, cyber sex through webcam, or microphone. The employers who suspect activities of employees who waste time during work hours in activities like personal net surfing, visiting porn websites, online shopping, gambling, and checking emails can take benefit from spy software to know who is doing what. Many surveys show that traffic to adult oriented sites comes between 9 AM to 5 PM. To control such incidents employers employ human supervision which fail at times in such situations when supervisor is not present. Computer Spy software helps in such situations with which you can easily monitor and record every activities.

It becomes helpful when you can monitor internet activities of your child from your room - Making your life easy in terms of safety and security for your child. To monitor activities, you need to install agent setup to the target computer which is connected with your computer in network. Agent can be installed remotely and manually to a computer. Computer spy software and employee spy software tools equally have their importance in terms of spying and monitoring activities. Excellent feature oriented spy tool lets you view activities of any computer from other computer.

Free to try evaluation version of computer spy software and employee spy software enables you to experience monitoring on one computer system. Evaluation spy software will help you to know every feature of the spy software. Purchase Full version of the spy software to monitor several computers at a time in network.